Blue Topaz is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals (Mohs hardness of 8) and is one of the most popular and best value gemstones. Since natural blue topaz is extremely rare and often pale in color, the colors of London blue, Swiss blue, Electric blue and Sky blue topaz are formed through an enhancement process. It remains as one of the more affordable gemstones when compared to the prices of other popular blue gemstones, such as aquamarine, blue zircon and most especially, blue sapphire and is the second most popular blue gemstone on the market, next to blue sapphire. The sparkling stones evoke images of the wind, sky, and water. Blue is the color of calm and quiet and can help channel relaxing energies and fight off chaos and negative emotions.

It is  found in various areas including Afghanistan, Brazil, Czech  Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden, and western Utah, USA



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