Larimar is an ocean-blue semi precious gemstone, often mistaken for turquoise or jade, found in a remote mountain region of the Caribbean. High on an isolated mountain top, miners use only picks and shovels to work the deposits of this unique Caribbean gemstone. The deeper aqua blue stones are a much rarer find and are therefore more highly prized. Larimar was given its name by Miguel Mendez, a lapidary who first worked with the gemstone.  Lari is for his daughter Larissa and mar is Spanish for ocean, as the stone resembles the beautiful range of colors of the Caribbean waters. The stone itself is said to hold powerful healing energies, bringing balance and peace to its owner, as it eases tension and stress. The Gemological Institute of America as identified Larimar as a blue pectolite, and it is found nowhere else in the world but in one extinct volcano in the Dominican Republic.